Norbert & Margerite Neiger in Gablonz

This is a happy picture of Norbert & his wife Margerite (also known as Greta) taking an afternoon stroll together in the park in Gablonz.

It is a happy counterpoint to their sad premature end in the Nazi created ghetto in Lodz Poland, along with most of their family.

They were forced to leave their homes and businesses intact, handing the keys to Nazi officials. They travelled with virtually nothing to Lodz where they perished as the persecution of Jews by the Nazis became more and more open and brutal.

Their forced transportation to the ghetto followed the Nazi invasion and take over of the Sudetenlands in 1938.

Norbert Neiger was the super smart businessman behind the most successful bijouterie company in Gablonz, the Neiger Brothers.

This is the beautiful large state Park in Gablonz where Norbert & Greta Neiger are seen above