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This line is one of the most extensive of all the Neiger Brothers creations. The cog element was used in various forms for the entire duration of production....
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Max was the creative genius behind the prolific and innovative lines of costume jewelry produced by the Neiger Brothers from 1903 until 1938. Known and followed in Gablonz as trend-setters...
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This is a happy picture of Norbert & his wife Margerite (also known as Greta) taking an afternoon stroll together in the park in Gablonz. It is a happy counterpoint...
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Norbert Neiger soon realised that the brothers needed a stamping machine.  His first 3 years alone in the business proved it to him repeatedly.   So when Max Neiger joined the...
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  • neiger long mummy bead necklace egyptian
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Of all the early lines without doubt the most successful Neiger collaboration between the brothers, was that of the long Egyptian bead necklaces.  The beads were produced in many different...
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